Hiring the best candidate for the job is never easy. As a Recruiter, you should already have a system in place to increase the probability of hiring someone who is the best job fit. This should be someone who can work well with your team and accomplish all the given tasks within the acceptable timeframe and who can deliver quality work.

These are the best practices that Recruiters do to find the right candidates to Hire:

1. Create a thorough Job Description
Provide a clear job description. This will help you segregate the ones that are not suitable for the job. You can easily determine who’s under-qualified and over-qualified by having a detailed job description.

2. Picture the Right Employee who can do the Job
Aside from creating a well defined job description. As a Recruiter, you should also have a clear vision of what your next employee will be. It’s better to write down the traits and skills that you want in that employee besides having that job description.

3. Write down your Questions
Recruiters who have been conducting job interviews have a set of questions for most job positions. If you want to make sure you get the right employee, create a set of pre-written questions which is specific to the job title that needs to be filled in order to easily gauge their qualifications.

4. Test your Candidates
Testing is still an essential part of the hiring process. Let the applicants do part of the job for a specific time by conducting an assessment that applies real work problems. This will let you see how they plan to deal with it, what’s their attitude towards it and how they can receive feedback.

5. Conduct a Panel Interview
It’s always a good idea to ask for other people’s opinion about your candidate especially if you’re screening for an officer or managerial post. To save time for having the applicant go through multiple interviews, you may ask some of your stakeholders to join you in a panel interview. This allows a venue for expressing different opinions about the applicant and ultimately an end decision if the applicant will be hired or not.

Always use this checklist to give you the highest probability of hiring the best applicant for the job. Make sure to have these practices in place or device a process to ensure you get to hire the applicant who is suited for the position. For more relevant tips about Recruitment, you may visit our dedicated Recruitment Tips section.