Recruiters cannot magically come up with new hires to meet job opening requirements. When asked to fill in a job requirement for their company or clients, they can only accomplish their task with the proper use of tools and resources. Companies can also lose money for every minute that they fail to meet their deadlines.

We compiled these 11 best practices of effective Recruiters to equip you with the best tools for the trade.

11 Best Practices

  1. Their company website is their #1 tool.

    They know the value of using their own website to attract Jobseekers to apply with their job openings. Make it easy for Applicants to find and apply for career opportunities with your company by placing a ‘Careers’ page section in your website (that’s if you don’t have one yet).

  2. Make the Best Choice.

    This may be a no-brainer but some recruiters overlook this because of the need to fill the position immediately. Overqualified and underqualified candidates are never good job fits. Always be on the lookout for a candidate who is qualified with the right attitude to be successful and happy with the career opportunities that you’re offering.

  3. Provide value in what they are offering.

    To attract qualified applicants, they let them know that they’re actually going to be working for a better company with a promising career. Show the job applicants the list of benefits that they can get.¬† Providing clear compensation details is certainly good but most applicants would also like to know how valuable their work can be. Make them realize that what you’re offering is worth pursuing.

  4. Knows how to build and keep a good reputation.

    Slowly but surely build a good reputation by providing a positive experience when accomodating applicants. This good reputation that gets passed on through word-of-mouth. Applicants who didn’t get hired may even refer qualified candidates in the future especially if they had a positive experience with your company.

  5. They source talents within the company.

    Before advertising and looking around for new people to hire, they want to find out first if there are people within the company who are qualified and interested to apply. By informing your employees about the latest job openings, they can help the recruitment team refer qualified people in their personal and business network. Share your job openings in the company bulletin board, website or weekly email announcements.

  6. Do background checks with their Applicants.

    They want to avoid issues in the future. Do background checks with candidates before making that job offer. This will only take a few minutes phone calls in exchange for a lifetime of peace of mind.

  7. Knows good copywriting.

    Good copywriting can make a huge difference. Seek assistance with your marketing team or third party providers to make your job openings stand out. You can even learn how to write better copies so you don’t have to spend for copywriting. By doing this, you can easily attract more applicants with your job postings.

  8. Knowledge of what they really need.

    Effective Recruiters always keep a clear picture of their target hires. List down the traits and not just the skills that you want your candidate to have. Provide a vivid description of the employee that you need will make it easier for you to get the right one.

  9. Strategy in Advertising.

    Planning a campaign for job recruitment is never easy. Most effective recruitment campaigns were well planned and executed. They carefully considered critical factors like its theme, advertising channels & audience. Again, you can seek the assistance of your marketing team or third party providers to help you strategize and to make sure that your advertising budget is not wasted.

  10. They use an Applicant Management System (AMS).

    One of the most effective and time saving tool for recruiters is having an Applicant Management System. By using one, you can easily assess and file applicants. This will also be easier for any Recruiter to source new employees. Job portals can provide these services while some companies have also invested in building their own.

  11. Treat all Applicants equally.

    All of these things will not matter if job applicants are not treated well. Remember, they will be your customers and can soon become part of your business operations so it’s always a good idea to treat them positive regardless if they get hired or not. A higher retention rate of employees can only mean that you did a great job of qualifying the candidates.

We hope these tips help you with your recruitment process and long term recruitment careers. PhilJobNet provides a free Applicant Management System (AMS) for all Accredited Employers. You can also use our facility to post 10 free job postings every month and choose to join official job fairs nationwide with an option to boost your recruitment process with our premium services.