A career in recruitment demands qualities that can help you prosper in this profession. Most Recruiters develop these skills through the course of their career which can help give them a great career in Recruitment. We have outlined them here so you could start developing the traits necessary for the job:

1. Good Listener
You need to listen closely to both what the Jobseeker is saying and not saying (non-verbal behavior). This is an important skill if you want to be a successful recruiter.

2. Knows the Business
You need to know the business of recruiting people especially in the industry where you’re at. Knowing everything from the smallest details up to the most complicated ones would help propel your career in this field.

3. Impeccable Marketing Skills
Might be a surprise for some, but you will need to attract job seekers to apply for the job, you need to have exceptional knowledge of traditional and digital marketing to make them go after your job openings. Unless you have a marketing team that will help you with this, you will have to learn how to market your job openings.

4. Task Oriented
Every Recruiter has a particular set of tasks they need to accomplish at the end of the day and if you want to become a great recruiter you will need to finish your tasks on time. This has to be done on a daily basis.

5. Build Professional Relationships
You need to make sure that you are able to connect with the Jobseekers and the people you work within the company that you are serving.

6. Multi-tasking
It’s a must that you should learn how to multi-task or effectively handle all your duties at a particular time.

7. Acts Immediately
Hiring the best applicant is no easy task. You have to always act fast to get the best people for the job. Remember that there other companies looking for the same people your searching for.

8. Patience
A great recruiter should have the patience to handle different kinds of situations. There are unexpected things that may pop up in the middle of an important task.

9. Tech-Savvy
Having technical skills is also an essential part of being a recruiter because you need to post jobs, use job portals, and use other digital devices and applications to fulfill your requirements.

10. Knows Social Media
Having social media skills is essential at this time and age, it gives you exposure and gives you the leverage. With it, you will be in front of the people who maybe ight for the job that you are working to fill.

11. Understands Body Language
Knowing how to read the body language of applicants is also a great skill to acquire. Though this doesn’t come overnight you can develop it by observing people, reading books and genuinely interested in the human behavior.

12. Team-Player
When you are able to work with your colleagues to achieve a common goal and still be able to work individually when needed, you could say that you are a great team player.

13. Dependability
This is always a welcome trait for any job position, so if you are someone who can be relied on to perform and do the job then you’ll have an edge. You need to become someone who can solve issues as they come your way.

When you are starting out as a Recruiter, it may be difficult for you to acquire all these traits immediately. Your best course to learn would from your experienced colleagues, you will soon be able to acquire them given the time and proper mindset.