When looking for work, the first people we get to meet are Recruiters. Have you ever wondered how to become one in order to put yourself on the other side of the fence?

Let’s take a look at five (5) essential things that you need to start a career in Recruitment:

1. A College Degree
Employers here in the Philippines prefer to hire Recruiters with a Psychology or Human Resource Management degree. While some also managed to get a career in recruitment due to their ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience during their employment even if their degrees are different.

2. Learn the Recruitment Process
Understanding how the hiring process works will be handy to help you work as a Recruiter. This is not limited to just interviewing and offering job contracts. There are other processes involved in Recruitment such as assessments, talent sourcing and attrition replacement that you need to be familiar with. Each industry will have different recruitment plans so make sure to learn more about the industry where you are right now or that of which you plan to go to.

3. Know your Employment Choices
While there are a lot of available job openings for recruiters, you also should be familiar as to which industry will best suit your knowledge and skills. You can apply directly to a Company or work for a Manpower/Recruitment Agencies with highly specialized markets in the BPO, IT and Local & Overseas Placement.

4. Apply for the Job (or Internship)
Once you have the skills and experience that can get you started as a Recruiter, you may start knocking on a few doors. For those who are about to graduate, applying as an HR Intern first will definitely help you get started in your career. But if you’re already employed, it’s best to wait for opportunities with your current employer especially if you don’t have any experience in this field yet.

5. Continuous Learning
Getting a job doesn’t mean that you should stop acquiring new skills. You have to continue honing your skills and acquire new ones as you gain experience in your chosen field. Opportunities to learn new skills via conferences, workshops and seminars will come and make sure that you don’t skip them. Learning from your organization’s leaders is also a key for a successful career.

Aside from these five (5) things, always remember that in order to be a successful recruiter, you need to have a positive attitude for the job at all times. Since you are the front liner of your organization, applicants will create an impression about your company based on their experience in meeting you. Word spreads fast. One good experience from an applicant can be shared ten fold and it can positively help your career in the long run.