There should be a standard for the things we want to accomplish at work. These standards should be set by the managers, executives or owners of the business.

This also serves as a guideline that you can follow in order to improve work output and employee retention. When these standards are well in place, it will serve as the basis of efficiency for all levels in your organization.

To increase workplace efficiency, these things should be considered:

1. Delegate Tasks
This is a way for employees to learn and become more accountable. If one employee is already holding too many responsibilities, employers should allow them to delegate some of their tasks to others in order to maximize their efficiency.

2. The Right Skill for Tasks
You can not ask an employee to perform duties and responsibilities that are not yet within his capacity. Ensure skill compatability with job responsbilities. They will need some form of training if you are to introduce them to new tasks.

3. Open Communication
Let everyone know that they can approach the management if they have questions or issues with their job. Do not presume that everyone already knows this. New employees in particular will need to be told that you have open communication lines if they have any concerns.

4. Clear Objective
Provide a roadmap by writing goals for each of your employees. Set clear objectives to enable them to remove any obstructions that lies ahead so they can reach their full potential. Most companies do this through Performance Review processes. If you don’t have one yet, you will need to establish one.

5. Reward those who perform
There will always be employees who will exceed your expectations. It’s only proper to give them an incentive for doing their job better than others. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in monetary form. Employee recognition can be made by giving awards and tokens of appreciation.

6. Train and Re-train
Although training will cost money and valuable resources, it plays a vital role in maintaining work efficacy at every level. Employee retention programs can be aligned to improve your employees and convince them to stay longer by giving them new skills.

In order to address work efficiency, concrete programs & processes should be put into place when attempting to improve the output of employees. If employees continue to fail to produce at at an acceptable rate, the management team should look into the reason why an employee is unable to meet the said standard and address it accordingly.