The increase in demand for call center agents has brought a lot of opportunities for employment in different parts of our country. Some people still find it hard to get accepted for a position in Call Center companies even if they already have a High School Diploma or College Degree.

For some Recruiters, there are still some skills that Jobseekers lack that’s why getting accepted for a call center position remains as a challenge for some. Let’s take a look at them.

Call Center Basic Skills

  1. English speaking skills – The ability to speak the language in a comfortable and fluent manner.
  2. Technical skills – Familiarity with technical work related terms such as ISP, modem, servers, etc.
  3. Communication skills – Ability to express thoughts fluently both verbally and in written forms.
  4. Knowledge about BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Call Centers – Understanding of your role and job responsibilities.
  5. Computer Skills – Typing speed and navigation of basic computer functions (mostly online software)
  6. Troubleshooting Skills
  7. Customer Service Skills

Your willingnees to learn and work hard for a company will make you a good candidate for a call center position. You must have the necessary skills that recruiters are searching for in a candidate especially if the company will not be able to provide training for these skills.

What do you need to do if still lack any of the skills above?

Inrease your chances of getting hired by going through this checklist:

  • Read related information about the services that you would like to work for such as Back Office, Customer Service, Technical Support and Banking or Finance. Invest at least an hour each to learn more about these different job responsibilities in the industry and try to see where you can best fit with your current skill sets.
  • Join training programs available online and offline. Take advantage of paid and free call center training that you could participate in. Start enrolling in short courses / training programs or consume a lot of the available English training materials online like the ones found in Youtube.
  • Watch English movies and try to copy how the actors say their dialogues. This is a great way to be comfortable and sound natural when speaking the language.
  • Always practice introducing yourself in English. This will greatly help you when the actual interview comes. As much as possible, don’t sound ‘scripted’ when responding to the interviewer’s questions. Treat it as a conversation and not as an interview with a News Reporter.

Carefully go through this checklist. Once you believe that you’re ready, sign up for a Jobseeker account in PhilJobNet. We offer a Job Matching service so you can immediately get job interview invitations from Employers in your preferred work locations. Your career in the call center industry will only be possible if you make the first step.