Social Media Marketing is one of the entry level jobs that you can start with if you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. This role will allow you to communicate with different levels in your organization and influence more people to like your company’s products & services.

It’s a great starting job position to be in especially when you like to learn, share and distribute information using formal and casual tones through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


1. Bachelor’s Degree

Most employers prefer graduates in Marketing or Liberal Arts and Communications while some also consider hiring those with IT / Multimedia Design degrees. Some institutions also offer short courses and certifications for social media / digital marketing to give an advantage to those who don’t have any related internship or work experience yet.

2. Content Creation

Writing is a major part of social media. You need to develop your writing skills if you want to be an effective social media marketer. You’ll be making content such as blogs, vlogs and banners. Make sure that you can make these in a snap or at least provide a good content brief if you’ll work with graphic designers / artists.

3. Visual & Graphics

While it’s not necessary that you become an expert with providing visual content or editing graphics, knowing how to take a decent photo and edit photos & graphics will give you an edge over the others. Some companies may hire a Graphics Artist / Designer that you can work with but some may need their Social Media Marketer to function as both.

4. Audio & Video

You can bring it to the next level by knowing how to speak in front of the camera or audio recorder to use the power of Vlogs and Podcasts. Having a good background with Audio and Video productions will also help if you’re not the type who likes facing the camera or broadcasting your voice.

5. Experience (For those Employed in a different job)

Your years of experience in related fields will also be taken into consideration. But if you don’t have any relevant experience, you should have a decent amount of time spent on doing the most important task of a marketer like planning, content creation and data analysis.

6. Internship (For upcoming graduates)

Do good during your Internship. Treat it like a real job. Meet your employers’ expectations. Come on time. Finish your task on time. And then exceed their expectations by coming up with good marketing campaigns.

7. Projects & Analytics

Create marketing campaigns that will serve your organization’s advocacy and serves their target audience. Pay careful attention to the content that you create. Be particular about its engagement (reactions) and reach (viewers). Also, make sure to learn how to read the data from the content that you are posting since this will be your decision making and reporting tool. Good decisions are made based on data analysis.

Whether you can start off as an online community manager, content writer, graphic artist or data analyst- your end goal should always be to acquire more skills to get a career in Social Media Marketing. You can continue to build your skillset and learn more about the other forms of Digital Marketing to give you more career options in the future. Once you’re ready, you can always go back to PhilJobNet to get job matches and start looking for work related to Digital Marketing.