Every company needs a customer service representative to attend to their complaints, answer their chat and email inquiries, billing and other after-sales concerns.

Gauge if you already have the skills necessary to get hired as a Customer Service Representative by going through these skills or traits needed to in this field:

1. Good Communication Skills

2. Ability to Listen and Understand Customer Concerns

3. High EQ (Emotional Quotient)

4. Positive Attitude

5. Problem Solving Skills

6. Responsiveness

7. Desire to Help

8. Computer Skills

If you already have some of these traits and skills, you may already have a promising future as customer service agent. Lacking some of these doesn’t mean you can no longer be one. You just need to train and learn more about those skills if you want to thrive in the industry.

There are many courses available online that you can use to acquire the skills in order for you to become an promising Customer Service Representative. Just make the first move by searching for helpful articles or videos in Youtube or Slideshare about the skills and you will gain something new.

Acquiring new skills may take time but if you have the desire and dedication to learn, you will eventually reap the rewards with a promising career in this field.