The job market today has changed dramatically over the past 10 years requiring not only job skills from their employees, but also 21st century skills. Due to the emergence of new technology and new ways on how we can work, a modern environment now would require various skills which doesn’t only relate on how to do the job itself. As a Jobseeker, you will need to find out what of skills do you possess so you can thrive in any modern workplace.

It’s given that we need core skills to do our chosen job. But you will also need to have the following additional 4 Competencies in order to effectively compete in the new job market:

1. Critical Thinking
– This involves problem-solving skills that help your team and the organization when facing challenges and obstacles in your work.

2. Creativity
– Being able to think of new ways of solving situations in the workplace.

3. Communication
– Able to communicate with other members of the team effectively in discussions or through the use of technology (chat & email).

4. Collaboration
– Able to work well with other employees of the company to achieve a common goal.

Other qualities that you will need in order to be effective in the new job market:

1. Curiosity
– Having an open mind to learn new things and absorb new ideas.

2. Initiative
– Doing things without being told.

3. Grit
– The ability to persist even in the face of difficulty.

4. Adaptability
– Being able to adjust to new or abrupt changes.

5. Leadership
– Although not everyone can become a leader, this is also a trait that you could aspire to develop. This can also be exercised when asked to lead special projects.

6. Social and Cultural Awareness
– Having full awareness with significant events in society even if it doesn’t affect you.

Ideally, these are the new skills and qualities that every employee need to possess. In order for you have these, you need to assess your self personally or have a professional do it for you. PhilJobNet is in partnership with the SFI Group of Companies in conducting the Philippine TalentMap Initiative to help jobseekers assess their employability. If you’re interested to take this assessment, you may proceed here.