Procastination is a bad habit that we need to get rid of, not only because it can cause many issues in our workplace, but it can also make you lose a lot of your personal development potential. Career Experts say that in order for you to effectively eliminate this, you should be able to ask ourselves and respond accordingly to this question- “What is my most important task at work?”

If you managed to answer this question without exerting much effort, then you belong to the majority who can accomplish their task and perform it well.

But what if you had a hard time answering it? Then you should immediately consult your superiors so you can make sure that you’re priorities are still aligned with what the company expects you to be doing. You can also refer back to the original job contract that you signed up for so you can get a good look at the duties and responsibilities that you need to carry out.

By having a clear understanding of your work priorities, you will most likely be able to eliminate distractions and immediately focus on your deliverables that really matters.

Here are a few proven ways on how to overcome procrastination~

  1. Start Slowly. You don’t have to try to finish everything in one go. Do a portion of the task that you need to perform if it’s not in your list of priorities and come back to it again once you’re done with your urgent deliverables.
  2. Start with the least ‘likeable’ task. Start with the least desirable task and don’t stop until it is finished. It usually is the reason why we delay things because we refuse to do the ugliest task first.
  3. Reward yourself once you complete a task. It doesn’t matter what the reward is. What matters is that you’re giving yourself a pat on the back. This gives you more reason to accomplish more.
  4. Think of the possible outcome when you fail to finish a task. Knowing this will help you move forward and finish the task at hand.

Beating procrastination is not an easy task. We tend to delay things that are important. Being aware that you’re procrastinating can immediately improve your performance. When you already know what you need to do and you have good understanding as to the reason why you need to complete it, it will definitel be easier for you to start and complete the task ahead of your usual deadlines.