By knowing what NOT to put in your resume, you can greatly increase your chances of getting invited for a job interview. New applicants are not the only ones who unknowingly includes unnecessary information and distractful layout designs in their resume, even employees with plenty of experience.

Here are the common mistakes of some applicants when writing their resume:

  1. Using ‘Unprofessional’ Email Addresses 
    Here are examples of such email addresses-,, Avoid using email addresses that appears funny, arrogant or suggestive on your resume. Best to use an email address that discloses your name like (first name & last name). After all, you can always create a new one.
  2. Including all Previous Work Experience (even irrelevant ones)
    To keep it short and simple for the recruiters, you don’t necessarily need to include all of your work experience. Consider only including jobs that are related to the job title that you’re applying for. Include jobs and describe accomplishments that will help you shine in the eyes of the recruiter. Don’t sprinkle your resume with odd jobs that are not related to the job that you’re applying for.
  3. Too Colorful
    If you’re not applying as a designer or as an artist, it is best not to put different colors on your resume. Stick with black and white or probably a touch of grey. Putting different colors creates ‘likeability’ risks on your resume. Those other colors may appeal to other recruiters while others might find it repulsive. Best to play it safe.
  4. Too Much Information
    Including your character references are okay. Save the space for job experiences or projects that can reinforce your ability to get the job done. You can opt to provide the character reference info before you get the job offer so they can verify your credentials by noting that “Character references available upon request”.
  5. Use of Fancy Fonts
    Comics Sans and Papyrus fonts are now considered as fancy or even boring by most. It’s safe to use Arial and most Sans-Serif fonts when writing your resume. Best not to experiment with new or unique fonts since your sole objective in providing your resume is to get the message across that you’re a qualified candidate. Readability should be a big factor when choosing your font styles.

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