Believe it or not, there are certain skills that will help you get a job faster. These skills can help you get entry-level jobs in most industries faster than any other skills. Why? Because they are the most sought after skills which can sustain businesses.

Here are the 3 skills that will help you get a job faster:

1. Language Skills

Whether Filipino or English, it’s essential that you’re able to communicate effectively with your co-workers and clients. Having this skill will make you a preferred applicant over someone who cannot speak it fluently especially if you have the same level of qualifications. Applicants who are fluent in speaking dialects needed for the business will find themselves able to easily breeze through the hiring process. Learning to speak the language which is commonly used in the industry you’re interested to be part of should be the first step in order for you to permanently increase your chances of getting hired. Some even get jobs for their ability to speak in other languages such as Chinese, Spanish or French.

2. Selling Skills

The art of selling is something that you can bank on. The ability to sell has always been a golden ticket in getting a job. It is one of the most in-demand skill in the business world since companies have products and services that they need to sell. There’s a constant demand for good salespeople. Don’t worry if you still haven’t acquired this skill yet. Everyone can sell as long as you can learn how to properly do it. You may start by reading books about selling and try to practice what you learned. Practice selling products or services that you’re really interested in. Your first set of customers can be your family and friends. Try doing it online through social media and see how it works for you.

3. Customer Service Skills

Last but not the least is your ability to help customers. Every business needs great customer service people. If you have excellent customer service skills, you will not have a hard time looking for work. Again, this can be learned by paying attention to what most of us already have, our ability to become sensitive to the needs of people. Hear them out first, set their expectations and provide solutions to their problem- within your means. To become great at this, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and you also need to build genuine concern towards their well being.


If you already have at least one of these skills, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get hired immediately but it can definitely increase your chance. These are the most sought-after skills by many companies not only in the Philippines but internationally too. They’re also not only in demand in BPO’s or outsourcing companies, but also with most local companies. Go ahead and master at least one, two or all of these skills and let us know once you get hired for a new job!

We wish you well with your job search!