Got new skills or career milestones? Include it in your resume even if you’re not yet actively looking for work. For example, if you recently attended a seminar on how to effectively promote your products on social media, it’s definitely going to be a good addition in your credentials. Before you forget about it, you should immediately update your resume. Doing so will elevate your value in the organization especially if you are eyeing for a promotion in the near future. This can also send out signals to headhunters and your current superiors that you are exerting effort to be better at what you’re doing even if you’re still new in your field.

You can do updates either on your hard copy, soft copy or with your online resume. Just make sure that you don’t miss or forget to do so. It’s also important to update your online resume on LinkedIn. Most recruiters now check potential hires in this platform for the companies that they serve. Also, notify all of your contacts when making updates in your profile by enabling it under the notification settings.

When updating your resume, it’s particularly helpful especially once you start looking for a new job. Some employment opportunities suddenly arrive which you’ll never know when until it comes knocking. If you update your resume regularly, you greatly increase your chances of getting invited to apply for the job without having to cram about the important skills & experience that you recently acquired. This goes the same way for internal promotions especially if you’re looking to apply for a higher position in the near future.

Here are other reasons why you should update your resume regularly:

  1. Establish credibility and authority in your field of expertise. Having an updated resume builds a good background that you’re well rounded and updated with developments in your industry.
  2. It may be a ticket to consulting, part-time or freelance work. Some form of opportunities may come knocking if you have a particular skill or experience that other Employers would need especially if that skill is relatively hard to acquire or there are only a handful of people who has it.
  3. When the time comes that you need to look for a new company. Some of us will eventually have to move to another company. If you do not update your resume regularly, you will give yourself a hard time if you only do it when you’re about to apply for work or after a certain number of years.

It’s always a good idea to update your resume whether to promote yourself or have a better chance at a new job. The benefit comes at a later time once new job opportunities arrive. PhilJobNet offers a great printable resume service that you can easily update. To know more about how you can use this free feature, you may read this¬†article.