Many Jobseekers try to call the HR department who invited them for an interview only to inform them that they would like to reschedule their job interview. While this is not totally wrong, it would be great if you can make it at the initial scheduled date of the interview especially if you’re the one who requested for the appointment time and date. It’s okay to reschedule it but only when certain conditions apply. Recruiters spend a lot of time making arrangements for your interview and it is not easy for them to do this. This goes for you as well since interview opportunities don’t come and go easily.

There are no written rules and guidelines in attending interviews. But if there comes a time when you really need to do this-

These are the only acceptable conditions when you can ask for an appointment reschedule:

  1. Personal/Family Medical Emergency. This is a valid reason but if only a real medical emergency happens. Besides, you won’t be able to focus well if this was the case even if you attended your interview. If at all possible, you should still try to make it at the date and time of the interview. Remember, there are other people shooting for the position you are applying for and you may not be given the same opportunity again.
  2. Conflict in schedule. If you badly need to attend to another interview invite and for some reason that it was scheduled at the same time and day. Prioritize the employer who invited you first and make arrangements to adjust your schedule to the other employer.
  3. Natural calamities and ‘extreme’ bad weather. This only becomes valid if the reason why you will not be able to go to your scheduled interview. Recruiters can also validate this through news and even through social media. You may not be the only one cancelling or rescheduling the interview after all.
  4. Transport strike or political demonstrations. When there is no way to get to the interviewer’s office due to sudden transportations strikes or political demostrations, it’s definitely okay to reschedule it.

You should clear up your schedule and make sure to attend the job interview. Remember, there are other applicants who will be happy to be there to take your place so take advantage of every job opportunity that comes your way and never miss a job interview if possible.

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