Recruitment events or job fairs are a good way to increase your chances of getting hired but waiting in line is not fun, especially when you have to kill a lot of time and maintain your focus so you can stay sharp at all times. All sorts of things may come to mind, that’s why you should consider doing these things to maintain a healthy composure:

1. Read while you wait

Books, magazines or e-books. It would be better if you could bring a book to read. If you have a reading material about possible answers to interview questions or anything related to job hunting that would be a great option. You could read it while waiting for your turn to be interviewed to refrain from worrying too much or to avoid frustration. A great alternative would be to download an e-book to your smartphone so you no longer have to carry other materials.

2. Write down your possible answers to the questions that you may encounter.

Think of possible questions that may be asked. For example, what do you about our company, and how will position yourself as a marketing specialist? Now instead of rehearsing the possible answer in your head, write it down and explain how will help the company or position yourself as marketing professional. You may use bullet points for this so you can remember them more thoroughly.

3. Think pleasant thoughts.

When you think about happy events in your life you will be able to think clearly and open many ideas on how you can answer difficult questions that may be asked later in the interview. If you already have previous work experience, try to recall all the events in your work life that you can share given the opportunity during the interview.

4. Rehearse giving out a good smile.

Sometimes we forget to smile especially when we are in a tense situation. Avoid giving out a nervous smile. Best way to do this is by smiling at everyone that you meet in the office prior to the person who will be interviewing you. Once you do this you will be able to ditch your nervousness and be at ease during the actual job interview. When the time comes to speak with the interviewer it will be easier for you to do it by then.

5. Avoid listening to music, watching movies or browsing heavily in social media while waiting to be called.

Last but not the least is your ability to help customers. Every business needs great customer service people. If you have excellent customer service skills, you will not have a hard time looking for work. Again, this can be learned by paying attention to what most of us already have, our ability to become sensitive to the needs of people. Hear them out first, set their expectations and provide solutions to their problem- within your means. To become great at this, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and you also need to build genuine concern towards their well being.

The best thing to do while waiting for your turn to be interviewed is to stay calm and simply enjoy the experience. Being invited for an interview is already your first step in getting employment.