Job Mismatch’ is a term used when a Jobseeker fails to meet the necessary skills and qualifications needed in order to fulfill the requirements of the job market which results in unemployment.

Addressing the issue of ‘Job Mismatch’ in our country is something that we should all take part of as Filipinos. This is not just for the government to solve but for everyone. Whether you’re a student, parent, guardian or a teacher, each one of us who’s part of the labor force and who can guide the next generation of Filipinos have roles to play in significantly reducing and if possible, eliminating ‘Job Mismatch’ once and for all.

These are the current steps being taken to address the ongoing problems of ‘Job Mismatch’ in our country (which YOU can also take part of):

The educational system is the foundation of building a strong and reliable Labor Force in any country. Our government and its private sector partners are already working hand in hand to align the learning curriculum to address our perennial job mismatch problem. The implementation of the K12 program is one of the key steps they’ve taken to help the next generation of Filipinos ready for the global economy. A lot of upskill programs have also been running for several years by schools and training institutions help Filipinos acquire new skills for employment and career advancement.

Information Dissemination
Knowing is the first step in addressing any problem. By letting everyone know about the reality of Job Mismatch, we can enable everyone to do their part in resolving the ongoing problem. It is our duty to educate and guide the next generation of Filipinos to make the proper career choice and gain the necessary skills to achieve it.

Increase Self-Awareness
Individual Jobseekers need to be well acquainted with the subject of ‘Job Mismatch’. Knowing what you can do and matching these skills with the jobs that are available now can definitely solve the problem. Being Self-Aware of your strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of why you’re a good fit for a specific job while others will not suit you.

Skills Training
This is the most important tool of bridging the gap between jobs and our Labor Force. Educating ourselves with the necessary knowledge & skills of our chosen career and what the industry actually needs will greatly help solve the problem. An individual can now upskill not only by going through formal schooling or training but also by signing up for workshops/seminars and even by going through apprenticeship with practicioners.

Our government has been actively seeking ways of addressing the difference between the jobs that are available in the job market and the skills and knowledge of our Jobseekers. New programs for employment like the ‘JobStart’ employment program now trains our young labor force to help them land on jobs that can suit their skills and qualifications. TESDA also adds new programs every year to give more upskilling options for all Filipinos. The government is also testing the Labor Force to help them gain insight so they can develop more targeted programs.

We all need to be involved in solving the issue of Job Mismatch. You don’t need to be in a position of power to help solve this issue. You can start in your own home, office or even classroom if you’re still a student. We must help and educate ourselves to constantly meet the needs of the local industries so we can continue to compete globally and become a more progressive country.