This is a very powerful question for Jobseekers. You have to answer this question on your own because you’re the only one who truly knows your skills and capabilities. Once you pop that question, you can easily come up with a few job titles that you can apply for.

Remember to always be on guard for negative thoughts or it will kill your aspirations of getting the job that you want to apply for. If you’re thinking about applying for a different job position which is totally different from your present job, you may end up sabotaging your plans by thinking negatively. When you entertain negative thoughts, you will also eventually lose interest in the job. These thoughts can be as simple as thinking that you may not be good enough for the job or that you lack the proper skills or educational attainment for the job.

How many times have you felt like applying for a certain job position but you hesitated?

That’s your intuition telling that you are a good fit for the job but you did not do anything about it. So the next time you considered applying for a particular job, just go ahead and do it. You’ll never know if you are a good fit for the job description unless you go and apply for it.

Who will hire me?

That depends on many factors. You could be a perfect fit for a company but you haven’t even created a proper resume, applied or even sent your resume to them. The fact is, there are many companies out there who will be able to hire you but they need to see your qualifications and your interest in applying first. Unless you actively look for job openings, you will never be able to find out who will hire you.

Can companies be the one to find me instead?

The simple answer to this is to at least put your resume in one of job portals available out there. Here is a link to PhilJobNet so you could create your resume online to increase your chances of getting hired.

There are plenty of companies who are willing to hire qualified applicants if they could simply find them. The best place to find these companies are on job sites like PhilJobNet or other job portals where your ideal employers are. You just need to make yourself seen.

The fact that you might be wondering now who will hire you means that you are actively looking for answers. This is already a good sign. You must learn to find the company and the job that is a good fit for your talents and skills. All of us can find work by consistently searching for the right jobs that match our qualifications and interests. The only time that will you be able to answer the question if you’re hireable, is when you start your journey of actively looking for work and getting those job offers.