It is said that whatever we FOCUS on, that’s what we usually get. So instead of focusing on the difficulties of getting a job,why not focus on getting the job instead? Focus on the positive side of things- and keep in mind that there are hundreds if not thousand of jobs waiting for you!

Go through this list to help you FOCUS on getting a job:

1. Think of the job that you REALLY WANT TO DO and only apply for that.

2. What are your STRENGTHS? What are you good at? Always remind yourself and mention it during your interviews.

3. What experiences or skills do you have that you could use in the job that you’re applying for? Include these too during your job application interviews.

4. Be SPECIFIC. Commit to what you want to be. You must clearly define what you want.

5. Don’t just accept any type of job interview that comes your way. Make sure that you’re really interested in doing the work which usually involves your personal interests as well. Remember, recruiters can easily tell if the job isn’t really that interesting to you during your interviews.

6. On the other hand if your goal is to simply get a job now,  you can always grab the opportunity to apply for it (and learn to love it later) as long as you’re content with the work schedule, travel distance and the company work culture.

7. Prepare for the job interviews, tests and other processes that are entailed when applying for a job. No one got hired by simply showing up. There are several more steps.

Knowing what job you want to get will help in focusing your efforts on getting that job. Be straight forward about it and exert all your efforts in order to get a job. All you need to do is to start looking for it. Here at PhilJobNet we provide a wide variety of job openings from our accredited employers. All you need to do is log on to the website and type in a keyword in the search field which will give you a list of job openings. For example, you can type in any of the keywords such as ‘nurse’88, receptionist, office clerk, janitor or driver which will you give you the closest matches for the latest job openings.

Remember, FOCUS on getting a job, and you will surely get one real soon.