Good employees have good habits that help them with their work that makes them more successful than other people in the company.

Employees who practice good habits usually think about the rewards or the outcome of their actions that make them finish tasks and produce more than their co-workers. You might be wondering what these great practices are that makes them better than other employees. Do they have a secret? No. But they have a common trait.

According to Charles Duhigg the author of The Power of Habit, it’s all about the QUEUE and REWARD system. These two things are what builds up a habit and when you’ve developed a good habit, this will translate to DISCIPLINE and WILL POWER.

A perfect example of this are “Lunch Breaks”. This usually falls at 12 noon for us, Filipinos. The trigger is the time which twelve high noon and the reward is the food that you will eat at lunch time that’s why there is regularity with this type of behavior. Not only is it time to have lunch but it is mandated that you have lunch at exactly the same time everyday otherwise it may disrupt the company operation. While lunch time may not be a very good example as it is a natural thing in the workplace and gives us an idea on how the concept of trigger and reward work.

Duhigg said that will power is developed through good habits, because of triggers and rewards and the use of these two things could help employees become more productive at work.

If faced with a challenging task, you should decide ahead of time what your queue and reward would be. For example, at 9 am you will set a daily alarm on your phone that says “make one call” so you can start calling a sales prospect at that exact time and when you’re done you could reward yourself with a bar of chocolate or a quick rest room break. This will make the task easier and more rewarding. Say to yourself, “I am awesome”. Over time you can increase the number of prospects that you call. You decide what your rewards and triggers would be but to make sure just put them in place to make tasks easier to accomplish.

Finally, if you have done this for more than a month you wouldn’t need the alarm on your phone to remind you to call your prospects or you might not even need a reward once the habit is ingrained in your brain. Try it, this will most likely work wonders for you.