There is no shortage of available jobs in BPO’s or Call Centers. The only concern is that many applicants do not pass the initial job interview because of not being able to speak and understand the basic English language that’s why we decided to give some practical tips on how you can increase your chances of getting hired in the BPO and Call Center industry.

This will not involve difficult lessons or exercises. We simply want you to watch English movies, TV shows and Youtube videos. By doing so you will learn basic English to help you get a job in the BPO industry or Call Centers. You no longer need a college degree to start working for them. Most employers don’t even require their workers to speak with an American accent (or other accents) in order to get hired. As long as you can understand, and speak it properly during a conversation, you’ll find yourself working for a BPO company in no time.

Here are a few things that you can do in order to learn to speak basic English:

Watch English Movie & TV programs

  • Avoid watching local shows for now. And YES, that includes Korean telenovelas dubbed in Filipino. We are not saying that you totally ignore them but if you would really like to get a job in a Call Center or BPO, you need avoid them first and start watching English shows (preferably American) in your spare-time so you can be familiar with their ‘accent’ and speech patterns.
  • Make sure to watch what you love otherwise you will get bored and eventually stop watching.
  • Do not watch old English movies. Stick with contemporary mid 1990’s – 2000’s movies or TV shows because their communication styles are still the same up to this day. This is also one good way to catch up with IMDB‘s list of top movies and TV shows.

Imitate English Speakers

  • As you watch English shows try to imitate how they say the words in front of a mirror. You could practice saying your favorite lines or phrases from movies. Try to copy how the speakers or actors say the words and phrases especially during long conversations.

Read captions / Subtitles

  • Make sure that the caption that you are reading is correct,  don’t read the misleading ones. Movie transcripts are available online just in case that the movie of your choice does not have it.  Just use Google to search for it to get your hands on a movie transcript.

Watch Youtube Videos

  • It doesn’t get any better than having free lessons. Watch videos on Youtube that teaches how to speak in English, simply type in “English Lessons” and you can watch all the videos that you want. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of free courses in Youtube that are very useful.

Practice with a Friend or Relative

  • Get a friend or relative to help you practice speaking and conversing in English. The more casual it is, the better. Say for example when you go outside to eat in a fastfood restaurant, have him / her talk to you in English when figuring out what you should order. Tell them a story about how your day went in English. This may be funny most of the time until you two get the hang of it – but believe us it will increase your confidence in using the language.
  • Remember, the goal is to make you comfortable in speaking English. Some people tend to laugh when using the language in a normal conversation with their friends or relatives. The more comfortable you are in using it, the better chance that you’ll sound natural with it which is what most recruiters look for in an ideal candidate.
  • Not all call centers and BPOs cater to American clients, that’s why you can also watch British and Australian shows because there is an ever increasing number of companies who are putting up offices here in our country. This simply means that there will be more jobs available for Filipinos which doesn’t require college degrees.

We hope that this article helped you. If you are ready to apply as a Call Center agent or for other roles in the BPO industry, simply register on to start your job search.