If you’re one of those who’s employed right now, we’re sure that you experience STRESS and that you often try to look for ways to handle it. Sometimes we just blurt out things like “This job is too stressful” or “I can’t take this job anymore”. Worst, you might even end up consider about resigning just because of stress.

We researched some of the most effective ways to relieve stress while at work so you could minimize this every single day of the week.

It’s important to focus and to keep up with your workload but it’s also important to know when you should relieve yourself from stress.

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It’s not that you have to play at work, all you need to do is have fun while doing what it is that you are supposed to be doing. If you need to encode a bunch of paperwork on an excel sheet, think of ways on how you can make it fun and entertaining for you so you do not have to labor your way through it. Instead of making it a boring task, you can make it fun while you listen to music or if you can multitask you can even sing along with it as long as you’re not disturbing other people.

There are special projects that would need your expertise or time and this kind of tasks usually asks for volunteers. This is your chance to get involved in the workplace in a positive and productive way. Although not everybody can participate, it’s a good idea to be part of any kind of activity in the workplace.

Don’t limit yourself in your area or department. During break time you can go and say “Hi” to people in the office especially to those who you don’t usually talk to, a simple “Hello” would go a long way. The more smiles that you give out each day, the less stress you have to deal with.

This is also a way of interacting with people in the company, eating with your co-workers will give you a chance to personally know the people in the organization.

Probably the most neglected aspect of warding off stress is your ability to recharge your physical, mental and emotional state. Rest when it’s time to rest, take your breaks, don’t over work yourself. And most importantly, make sure to take your proper rest after work hours. Life gets easier everyday at work if you get proper sleep and rest every night.