Have you ever wondered why certain people stand out from a group of applicants in a room? There’s no real magic behind it. It’s all because they have what we call ‘Personal Branding’.

Follow these tips to develop your own personal brand to catch the attention of hiring managers. The more the recruiters see your own personal brand, the more you will be able to convince them to hire you.

Study successful people in your field whom you look up to. Observe how they carry themselves and how they do things and mirror their good habits in public. This may be their style of speech, attire or even strong mannerisms.

Make a list of what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants and put this in your resume and social media pages. Share what you love doing, your achievements and most importantly your GOALS in life.

This may be a bit difficult to find out because our view of ourselves is sometimes totally different from what people think of us. Instead of getting opinions from family and close friends which may already be biased, ask some of your friends or acquiantances who aren’t really that close to you about how they perceive you as a person. After hearing their feedback, make the necessary changes on how you handle yourself in public but only if you’re really comfortable with it.

For example, if they may say that you look like a snob, change your behavior by smiling more often.

It may sound too serious but you can make your own vision and mission statements that you can reflect on everyday. Just keep it short and simple.

For example, if you’re a programmer who loves mobile programming, your Vision & Mission could be: To be part of a company that can develop applications which will make public commuting in the Philippines safer and more efficient.

Write down all your skills abilities. No matter how small or irrelevant it is, some employers might find it very suitable for the job. Condense your list and make it fit in your resume so recruiters can immediately see it.

For example, skills like organizing events, decorating or baking deserts will definitely increase your chance of getting hired if you’re applying for a job in Marketing.

On your resume, LinkedIn or PhilJobNet profiles you should clearly state what you do or what your profession is.

Tailor your profiles to immediately create the impression what you want recruiters to see that you have. If you want to be viewed as a “programmer” make sure that your online profile shows that you are a capable “programmer”. Your other social media pages should also show what projects you’ve been part of and what future projects you would like to work on.

Your resume is your best tool in order to create your own brand.

For example, include information about what you can do as “programmer” on your resume. All the information that you should include on your CV should point towards you as a great “programmer”.