We asked some people in job fairs if they expected to get hired by the employers that they are applying to. Surprisingly, many job applicants would say that they are not sure if they can get a job, even during job fairs. So we were compelled to look into how job seekers think and how we can help you get the job that you want. After all, this is the reason why PhilJobNet was created – to help Jobseekers look for work with Accredited Employers.

Ideally, a job applicant’s mindset should always be that they already expect to get a job while going through the screening process of any company. But sadly not everyone thinks this way. In order to help you out, we researched why most people may think this way.

Ask yourself these questions and provide an honest answer for each-
  1. Do you really expect to get a job when applying?
  2. How do you feel about your most recent job application?
  3. What would you like to happen to your job application?
  4. What do you need to do to get the job that you want?
If your answers are all POSITIVE that’s great! But if your answers are on the negative side, then you need to work on your beliefs and expectations to be more positive.
You should expect positive results from your job seeking efforts, but if you find yourself thinking about the opposite then you should start thinking in a more positive way. If your answer to these questions are “no” or “maybe”, you will have to slowly change your thinking. Because the answer here should be a powerful YES.
Change the way you think and your expectations. Think about getting hired and you will most likely get a job. But if you expect NOT to get a job then that is exactly what will happen.
So what do you do? Change your expectations. Change how you think about job hunting. When you start changing your expectation about your job applications you will start to see the small changes in your life that will pave the way to you getting the job that you want.
Choose to think differently about your job applications, think positive, no matter how hard things are you have to always think that you can get the job at the end of the job interview. Choose to think about the good stuff, not the bad ones.