Stories have a strong appeal, it’s very attractive, it grabs the attention of the interviewer in an irresistible way so use it wisely to increase your chances of getting hired.

Do not make up any story the best thing to do is to cite an example of the questions that is asked during the job interview. Rehearse it in your head or with a friend so when the appropriate time comes you will be able to effortlessly tell your story.

The key is to answer the question first and then tell your story after you successfully answered the question of the interviewer. Your story will be an added ingredient to the job interview that will cement your place in the company.

  1. Tell real stories about your life that you could connect with the job that you are applying for. Just make sure that the topic is relevant to the question the interviewer is asking.
  2. You get the interview to become engaged with your story, it gives them a picture of what your life is. Have a set of stories that you can repeat or tell during the job interview, just make sure that the stories are actual and authentic.
  3. These stories should showcase you doing something good for someone or the company that you worked for. In general, the stories that you tell should convey positivity and not the other way around. Or this could be a personal story on how you successfully dealt with a problem just like in our example below.

Here is an example of a unique story from a single mom talking about how she copes with difficulties and challenges:

“I was able to learn how to cope and adapt to the challenges of life the hard way because I had to raise my little boy on my own. I learned everything on my own from cleaning all my kid’s stuff, like feeding bottles, giving him a bath every day, and feeding him, I learned a lot and now I am ready to face any challenge and difficulty. Doing all these I was able to prove to myself that I can make it on my own. “

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