HR specialists usually look at a candidate’s resume for at least 7 to 10 seconds, it may be a bit longer for some recruiters but it is safe to say that this is the average time your resume gets that much-needed attention. So how exactly do you improve your chances of getting your resume segregated and then later on considered for an interview?

These are the first few things that recruiters tend to look at, they usually underline, encircle or highlight this with a marker.

Recruiters cross references your complete name with their existing records.

Your educational background, how long it took you to finish studying, and other significant info.

Job Experience/s
Are your job experiences relevant to the job your are applying for, or do you have any additional experience that is going to be useful to the job you are applying for?

The length of time you stayed at your job. it gives them a good idea if you are going to be staying in this job for a while or if you will just be staying for a bit and then will move on to the next big job opportunity in a few months.

Companies you worked for
Names of companies, they take a look at this to find out if you have worked for a company that will give you the past experience that you could use for the job that you are applying for, and the later on they may opt to do some background check if you are considered.

Your Skill Set
The best thing to do is to highlight your skill set. Avoid words or descriptions that do not highlight your strengths, you have to chisel your resume so that it stands out from the pile of resumes that HR people have to go through day in and day out. Your resume need to stand out otherwise you will not have a chance to get to the second screening of resumes that’s when they have to look at it closely.