Some applicants simply do not want to be branded as a sales person, they don’t like the idea, they don’t want to be branded as someone who is making sales as a living. If you think this way you should rethink what sales is, the sales profession is a very honorable job, a great sales person will always have a job waiting for him or her and will never have to worry about job security or lack of job opportunities.

There are plenty of job openings for the sales related job openings in PhilJobNet but these are not being filled by jobseekers. Why is this the case? We have gathered the top reasons why many job applicants avoid getting a job in sales.

Prospecting and Lead Generation
The idea of prospecting for the uninitiated sales person is scary, imagine you will be talking to total strangers and will try to convince them to buy whatever it is that you are selling. This is just another wheel in the sales process that you need to go through if you treat it as part of your job you will be more effective at it later on.

Unwillingness to Learn and Unlearn
There are companies who have intensive training before they let their salespeople out in the field or on the phones. But this is also sometimes the reason why people do not get into this kind of job. You just need to be a willing participant in the training process and you will, later on, reap the fruits of your labor once you start earning big as a salesperson.

Negative Thinker
This is a common trait everybody else suffers from, being pessimistic will not bring you success it will only limit you, and hold you down so you may not fulfill your dreams. Don’t listen to the weak inner voice that is saying you can’t do it, instead tell yourself that you can do it and that you are made for this sales job.

Nobody wants to be dismissed especially when they are offering something that they feel strongly about, that is why many do not even try to apply for this kind job. This is a process that you need to undergo, you could get rejected a few hundred times a day but if you persist you will eventually get the sale that you want.

This is one thing that every sales person should poses, without self-confidence, it would be difficult for any sales person to sell his product. To develop self-confidence you need to start believing in yourself and what you can do, make it a point to learn everything you need to learn about sales and then apply what you’ve learned in your day to day interactions and you will be surprised at how much your self-esteem has improved.

Afraid of Sales Goals
This fear of having to meet the quota usually hinders people to pursue a sales career, they are afraid of not being able to meet the demands of the sales department. Your mindset needs to change, so you could outgrow the fear of not being able to hit your target. Read books about changing your mindset and you will soon be able to turn your fear around.

No Selling Skills
Most people think and feel that they do not have the selling skills to get the job, but in reality, everyone is a potential sales person we are just not aware of it. We are sure you have convinced your parents or someone close to you to buy into your idea, maybe you have asked them to get you an item that you really want and they eventually gave it to you. That right there is a classic example of what a sales person is. Don’t worry most companies have training and if they don’t ask politely for training or coaching before you start selling, that will surely help you if you don’t have the skills yet.

Every business needs a top notch salesman or saleswoman and if you are one or if you become one you will always have a job waiting for you. Don’t worry about the training since you will have enough time to train with the company that you wish to work for. You just need to think positive, do what is needed for the job and improve on your sales skills and your set.
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