We would like to give out some reminders that you should be very careful in what you post in social media especially when you are applying for a job. Remember that some recruiters and managers would usually take a look at your social media account as part of their due diligence and whatever they see could influence their decision, whether to hire you or not.

  • Pictures of you drinking, it may be an old picture or a new one it shouldn’t be there out there on the internet.
  • Photos that make you look bad in any way if you feel that you have posts that will make you look unprofessional you may want to take it down.
  • Tags from friends who make you look silly or irresponsible. Sometimes we have friends who like posting or tagging us inappropriate posts.
  • Nude pictures of any kind is a big no-no, you should never post these kinds of photos on your page if want to get hired.
  • Political posts that will show your affiliations, it’s safer not to be associated with any political party or movement, it makes you a more attractive candidate than if you are a known supporter of a political figure.
  • Foul language, of course, is another thing to eliminate on your online folio, if ever you have this online it’s time to clean up your page.
  • Avoid posts that tend to berate people or yourself, it is not going to help.
  • Excessive posting of your obsessions, there is nothing wrong with posting your favorite sport for example, but if the only thing that your future employers see is people playing basketball it may not help you land a job.
  • Pranks of any kind, jokes are okay, but if you like posting pranks on your page it would be better if refrain from doing so.
  • Bad comments about anything will not benefit your job application, stop writing them.
  • Complaints whether valid or not is not a good thing to see on your social media page.
  • Distasteful words about your past employers is never a good thing, be mindful of what post, if you’ve already posted in the past about your recent employer it’s best to hide or delete it.
  • Inappropriate posts, anything that is not going to help you with your job application should not be on the internet.

The idea is to “be careful” if you have to say things out there. Just be civil about it, yes you have the right to say whatever you want on your own page but we are talking about your job here, we don’t want you to lose an opportunity simply because of a thoughtless post.