Most of the time we don’t even think of things like “being replaced”. It’s probably because we are contented with what we have and as long as we have a job it’s fine with us, we don’t consider the possibility that someone might suddenly replace us if we do not do our jobs well or if someone better comes along.

Become indispensable.

Turn yourself into someone who is needed for the company to function properly, in other words, become one of the pillars of the business. Be the glue that holds everything together, without you everything will fall apart. Since your goal is to become someone who is hard to replace you have to be always on your toes, you have to always be contributing to the betterment of the company, and you should always be thinking of new ways to help the company.

Continuous learning.

Work on yourself and not just work on your projects, always be learning and absorbing new things that will help you with your job. Learning doesn’t stop in school. It just gave you a headstart and you shouldn’t stop just because you got a diploma.

Forward thinking.

Always be one step ahead, think of ways to improve your performance. Grab opportunities as they present themselves to you, don’t let them pass you by.

Be open to challenges.

Don’t back down when challenges arise, it’s your chance to show what you’ve got and to prove that you are an employee who can be depended on.

The best way to become hard to replace at work is to increase your value. The way to do this is to do your job exceptional well, do it fast, be early at work, and show up every single day of the week, and if you still can, be the last person to leave work. Do the necessary stuff that is needed for the business to succeed and you will find yourself to be one of the people who is difficult to replace.