You get hired because of your skills and not anything else so you have to keep an eye on the skills that you include in your resume. Maximize the space on your resume by listing only the ones that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

SOFT SKILLS are not easy to measure so you have to demonstrate it well. Employers usually check how well you speak, write and think. They also want to see how creative you are, if you can multi-task, how you handle certain situations and even if you are going to be a good leader in the future. These are measured through job interviews and assessments – so make sure that you prepare well for those.

List down your MEASURABLE SKILLS or Hard skills. These are that skills that you acquired through schooling or training. For instance, if you’re applying for a graphic designer or draftsman post, you should know how to use modern day programs such as Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD so include them in your resume. These skills are usually the reason why most companies would hire someone, so always put it on your resume.

Stand out from the rest, be EXTRAORDINARY. Can you accomplish extraordinary tasks, that the job requires? Can you work under the heat of the sun or under a different weather condition? Can you go sell the company product door to door, this is usually what an outside sales person does, or if can you walk long distances to conduct a survey. If you can do these, you can use it to the get a job so include it in your resume too.

Demonstrate how good you are with tools / machinery needed for the job. If you are applying as a professional driver, you should at least already have a professional license or have already acquired significant experience that made you apply for the post. Same thing if you’re interested to apply as a graphic artist. You should be well trained or at least familiar with the software that goes with the job.  Always provide proof. Bring your sample work or portfolio or cite all the relevant work experience / trainings you’ve done. Be specific. Note it down on your resume.

Show them that you’re good with people. Some jobs won’t require you to talk to people all the time but most do. If you are truly good natured it will show in how you deal with people. Patience, tolerance, and good attitude plays a big part in this. Employees with good people skills can get along easily with their co-workers since they can adapt well to difficult situations in the office. This skill, however, will only totally manifest when you are already working for the company, but if you already possess this- you are ten points ahead of other job applicants. The HR specialist can determine if you have this skill by the way you interact with them during the interview so show them good attitude at all times.

Be specific, write it down, having this valuable information written down could mean being hired or not, so don’t forget to include all the necessary skills that are noteworthy to get that job. If you think you’re ready to apply for your first job or move on to a new employer, over 3,000 accredited employers are waiting for you in PhilJobNet! Just register as a Jobseeker to get started.