When assignments and projects are constantly being thrown at you and you have no room to breath, its time to do some adjustments either with your surroundings or attitude.


Pictures, figurines, action figures, flowers or anything that you could put in your work area for it to be more personal. When you do this it will give you a sense of ownership, it may lessen the stress.

Put up a smile while working. It will make a world of difference for you as the day progress making your life in the office less stressful, you will find that people tend to be attracted to your smile.

Adding live plants may help, experts say that having greenery at work reduces the stress level of everybody in the office.

Give yourself a bit of quite time, clear your mind of all distractions and simply enjoy the moment that you have alone. You may do this during your break time to recharge.

Take short breaks or walks from time to time, not only will it break the monotony and sitting around all day if you are in the office it gives you a chance to exercise those limbs, being sedentary is never good. Walk or take the stairs if your office is just a few floors away.

To eliminate the feeling of being forced, confused, rushed, you have to clean your workplace. It helps out in giving you room to breathe and to renew your lost space. Clearing your space gives you mental and visual clarity.

Move office furniture around and if you can change the pictures in your office, it’s going to make a big difference. You may also redecorate or put some new addition to your current office space.