Believe it or not, taking mini breaks while at work can boost your productivity. Find out what other people do in order to stay productive all day at work.

If you have other proven ways of how you stay productive, please share it with us. 


Simplify your work to get more things done, write down what you need to do, and try to do it in batches to make it easier for you to finish your assignments.

Create check boxes for your most important assignments for the day, and then tick them off while you slowly but surely finish them one at a time throughout the day.

Take short breaks it will make you more productive, just make sure that it’s not that frequent. It’s productive to take a five-minute break every time you feel that you are straining yourself, and then you can get back to what you are doing afterwards. Mini breaks should just be three to five minutes long and not fifteen minutes.

Doing something the whole day and not finishing it because you were distracted by other projects that need your attention is not the best thing to do according to experts. It’s better to finish a particular task or assignment right away instead of doing it bit by bit while juggling through other duties the whole day.

Multitasking has been the way everyone is thought to be more productive but experts have proven that doing one task at a time turns out to be more effective.

The key according to time management experts is to concentrate on a certain task and finish it all the way through before going to the next one.

Find out what’s your most productive time of the day, and then do your most important projects on that block of time, experts say that when you learn to maximize chunks of time you will get more done every day. So what is it going to be for you? In the morning, mid-day or, night time?

Figure out if you need to do things or not, sometimes it is better not do things that do not help you accomplish an assignment. Always evaluate information and situations, ask yourself if it’s going to be helpful in finishing what you started or not, if not, just focus on the things that will help you finish your task instead.

We have a tendency to check our email several times during the day, and we don’t realize that we are wasting precious time by doing so. Sometimes we even find ourselves intentionally waiting for a reply. Experts say that we need to check our email either twice or thrice a day only, in the morning around 9 am, 12 noon or 3 or 4 pm before we end the day. That way we can maximize all our email correspondence, and if the email is urgent and it can’t wait the sender would usually just call and ask you for a reply. It’s also a good idea to let your colleagues know that you only answer emails at a particular time of the day.

It’s always a good practice to look back at what your purpose in the workplace is, if you were hired to sell but find yourself doing something else it’s time to stop and re-evaluate your game plan. You have to be continuously checking and reassessing what you’re doing to always be aligned with your most important duties.