Employers and Recruiters should know that Gen Y (Millenials) can take your company to the next level especially if they’re looking at the right places. There are more benefits than negatives in having this younger workforce as part of your team.


This is perhaps that most obvious reason why you should hire these young guys, they can operate your new technology with little or no supervision at all. You’ll even be surprised with the other things that they can do with tech that you are not probably aware of.


Because they are tech savvy they tend to be more efficient than their older counterparts, that is an additional benefit. For example, you need to call on a few hundred clients a day, they could do it in half the day without breaking a sweat with much time to spare.


This again has something to do with technology, young people have the ability to see the structure in the repetitive jobs that they need to accomplish every day, and they can figure out a way to finish the job faster and better than seasoned workers in the company. It is that eye that sees new ways to work that makes them probably the more efficient worker.


Because they know that there is competition, and more and more people are trying to land a job that’s why they give it everything that they’ve got plus more. Young people know that someone might come along who is better and might take their job that is why they do everything in their power to be better at their jobs, in order to keep it.


It probably has something to do with social media but we see this as a strength for employers, imagine if you can use this thinking to encourage people to buy or use your product or service your company could soar and lead the marketplace. Millennials are known for being team players, remember that groups that function effectively get more tasks done in the shortest possible time can make headway for your company.


Their strengths are amplified if you mix them with the leadership of Gen X and Baby Boomers. Share this if you agree #MILLENIALS 🙂