We all can fall into this trap, even the best relationships turn sour in the end especially if you are not a good fit for each other. We sometimes fail to see the signs or totally ignore it, here are a few clues to consider if it’s time to look for a new workplace or employer.


You are only there because you need the money and nothing else, there is nothing that makes you feel good about your job but the fact that you get the salary every fortnight. You are controlled by the reality that you need the money to pay the bills and not because you love your job and you are contributing to your company.

Aside from the frequent headaches, you also feel that your limbs are always aching, you are constantly struggling to focus on the things that you used to do easily. You also feel tired early in the morning even if you had eight hours of sleep.

It’s already the third time you pressed the snooze button and you’re still in dreamland, you are even considering not going to work at all and you even thought of calling in sick, and when you finally get up, fix yourself and hit the road you always find yourself thinking of new excuses why you came in late again.

Daydreaming of another job or thinking of going to a job interview most of the time is another indication that you need to redirect your energy to another kind of work or a totally different industry.

Feeling bad about yourself at work because you sense that you don’t fit in, and whatever you do doesn’t impact anything in the company, you also feel you can do better but because you don’t feel good about yourself anymore, you may be unconciously underperforming.

Sometimes this comes in the form of you being jealous about your friend’s job or salary, making you think about your present job is not the best fit for you after all and you need more and you deserve more and your present job is not able to provide it. Or you find yourself thinking about a job that is totally different from what you are doing right now.

Feeling tired all the time or feeling sleepy and bored at work may be a result of you not liking your work anymore. You feel tired even if the day is just starting, and find you are not able to cope with the tasks that are delegated to you.