Sometimes getting the job that you want can be a bit elusive but you might just get lucky with these uncommon tips. All you have to do is to exert some effort by doing a little research and online networking.
These tips are a bit out of the ordinary which is actually good since most people haven’t realized that it can actually work. Try them out and let us know if it helped you land on your next job:

Telemarketing Although there is an easier way to contact the company because of the internet, you may want to call the company of your choice. You could look them up online, get their number and ask if they have a job opening for the job that you want. This is particularly effective if the company that you want to work for is not posting the job ad yet, or is just about to post the job ad, this way you could be the first candidate that they can evaluate.

Demonstrate your skill
If your dream job is to be a computer programmer you can create a program that could help the company solve a particular problem. This may take many hours to create but it could catapult your career in programming. After completing the project you may contact the company, talk to them about your interesting proposition and then show them how the program can work for their favor.

Facebook Search
Try it out you will be amazed at how many jobs opportunities that will pop up when you do so. We typed in “Customer Service” and it gave us at least 5 jobs related to the jobs in the Customer Service industry. You may also subscribe or join groups that cater to job openings. Recruiters are finding ways now to save on costs for advertising their job openings and it just so happens that Facebook is an open platform that allows postings about job vacancies. Use it to your advantage.

While it’s not as popular as Facebook, LinkedIn can be a good networking tool if you’re already an experienced worker in the professional environment. Add HR professionals in your network, introduce yourself to them and make use of LinkedIn’s wide selection of tools for networking. Recruiters are more likely to use LinkedIn if they’re looking for talents that already have significant work experience.

Choose among these methods- or DO IT ALL! While you’re at it, make sure that you also take advantage of the Search feature that we included in our site. Just type in the keywords of the job position or location of the work that you’re looking for. If it matches your interest – go ahead and don’t hesitate to apply NOW.