Research shows that more than 50 percent of how you are assessed by people is based on the way you look or dress. So that means you have to be very cautious when dressing up particularly for an interview.
Follow these guidelines when dressing up for your next job interview >>

Ask for the company dress code before the interview, it might help. There are two ways you can do this, call them up on the phone or check on their website. If the company observes strictly business attire, it’s a good idea to match it to make the employer see you as potential employee who will fit in with their company culture. Companies these days observe different dress codes – some even allow applicants to wear smart casual during their interview. But you definitely don’t want to be on your smart casual attire when you walk in for the interview with a company who prefers business attire.

It’s always better to be on the safe side, if you have no idea what the preferred attire is, just show up wearing a conservative business attire since this will be your best bet.

It’s always better to wear slacks instead of jeans, this is a good advice for both men and women. Iron your pair of slacks or formal skirts at least a day before the interview.

Of course, it’s better to step into your leather shoes rather than your sneakers or rubber kicks. It’s a job interview and you need to present yourself in a formal fashion. Remember that you are trying to create a good impression. Make sure to clean your shoes before the interview, make it shine.

A suit should be listed as an option if you want to create a great impression, but it may not be always appropriate. Why? Because most employees in companies in our country don’t wear suits anymore on their regular work day due to our weather. There are alternatives though. For men, you can wear a coat with a clean polo shirt (short or long sleeves) underneath. For women, you may wear a blouse with a blazer on top.

Go through this checklist >>

  • Cut your fingernails
  • Keep your hair neat and tidy
  • No heavy make-up (for the ladies)
  • Avoid bright colors for your nails
  • Clean your face, make sure that you don’t have facial hair to look extra neat
  • Use a hair product (wax/gel/pomade) only if you’re sure that you’ll look tidy with it especially if you’ll be using public transport

Cologne or perfume is good, but to be on the safe side- don’t wear one. Why? You might find this far fetch but there are people who are allergic to fragrances. You might have an interviewer who has an allergic reaction to certain perfumes or certain scent preferences so not wearing any perfumes or colognes will increase your chance of having a good interviewer experience.

That’s it for the proper dress code when applying for a job, just be at your best, prepare a positive mindset, smile, and make sure that your resume is updated. Good luck.

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