We all have times when we need to call in sick due to health issues, so here are a few tips that we compiled to help you to be in top shape for you not to miss work.

Go through these tips so you can plan your day at work until it becomes a healthy habit.


Having a road map of your work day will make you more prepared to face the following day, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan you could just make bullet points on a piece of paper as a guide for your day.

Here is an example of a bulleted list that you can write for your healthy day at work:

  • Veggies for lunch
  • Walk 30 minutes
  • Stand up every hour to stretch
  • 1.5 Liter of water today
  • Sleep early


Instead of buying your favorite “adobo” you can start eating vegetables for lunch and if you have the time to cook your own food you can start choosing more healthy food.


Do not take the jeepney or bus if its just a few kilometers away. It’s better to walk or jog going to and from work, this should help you burn a few calories each day.


Although standing up to get water or to go to the restroom every ten minutes may not be a good idea, standing up once in a while say every hour and a half could be good for your health.


Instead of drinking soft drinks you can start drinking more water, get a big water bottle container to force yourself to drink more liquids.


Most of us today usually just keep in touch with our friends through social media, chat or email. Now is the time to talk to your fellow workers face to face share your experiences and a few healthy laughs every day.


Muscles and bones tend to get weak when you don’t move them, so stretch your arms and legs from time to time to break the monotony of sitting throughout your workday.


Sit up straight, don’t lean back or hunch over. The chair should not be too high or too low, your eyes should be leveled to the edge of the computer while sitting.


When it’s time to sleep, sleep. You need all the rest that you can get to perform at your peak when you are at work. Don’t waste your time updating your profile on social media or looking at every single post, it’s better to get some rest particularly at night.

Do a bit of these suggestions each day and you will be surprised with the results.