Everybody should be given a chance to work, earn and make a contribution to our society. That is why the government created Republic Act 10524 which made it possible for our differently-abled brothers and sister to join the workforce for them to receive the same compensation and benefits as their abled counterparts.

There are now more opportunities, jobs and better future for Persons With Disabilities. Companies will also benefit from the immense talents of our PWDs.

Many PWDs can work for companies and government agencies as Data Encoders, Graphic Artists, Office Staff, IT Technician, Receptionists, and Call Center Agents. Simply visit our Special Categories, click here. It’s a good idea to register on the website as a Jobseeker to get more updates and information about job openings and articles.

As an added note, Differently Abled individuals are also entitled to free online training by the government. If you need to work on your skills so that you can be ready to work for a company, don’t worry you can train on your spare time and at the comfort of your own home all you need is a computer and internet connection. There are many online resources that you can use for you to improve your skills and talents, whether Abled or Differently Abled.

Here is a list of online training sources that the government has provided in TESDA and once you are ready to apply for a job, just go to our website.