As parents, we need to know what’s best for our child. Knowing what school is the best fit, is the crucial first step, especially for Senior High Schoolers. We would like to help you to choose the best school for your child, we can start by answering these few basic questions.

What is SHS? And what does it do?
Senior High School is two additional years before entering college under Grades 11 and 12. It helps to enhance the skills and learning of Junior High School graduates to prepare them for work and further learning.

Why does my child need to go through senior high school? I didn’t have to do it during my time.
The government is upgrading the school system so that your child can be better equip to compete and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. Let’s say it’s a sort of insurance for your child to meet the future demands of work or business life. Remember that good education is our key to a better future.

We don’t want to pay extra, can we get any financial assistance?
There is no fee for the SHS program in public schools, not all schools are ready for K to 12 you just need to make sure that school offers Grades 11 and 12 so you can enroll your child. There is also a Voucher Program and Education Service Contracting given by the government to help out parents with the tuition fees for public and private schools.

What is the best school for my child?
Choosing the best school for Senior High School just got easier with the help of You will have more than 150 schools to choose from, these schools are spread out throughout the country. There are simple options that you just need to click on, the website is very easy to navigate, and registration on the site is totally free. Simply choose Parent or Guardian, choose the course, and then you can start checking the available schools listed on the website.

What are the available programs (tracks) for SHS?
The Senior High School Program has 4 tracks that you can choose from:

1. ACADEMIC – For students who would like to pursue higher scholastic learning
-Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
-Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
-General Academic Strand (GAS)

2. TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL LIVELIHOOD – For students who wants more functional learning
-Home Economics
-Information and Communications Technology
-Industrial Arts
-TVL Maritime

3. SPORTS – For students who are inclined to focus on athletics

4. ARTS AND DESIGN – For students who have a creative flair

For more information about the Senior High School program, you may visit the Department of Education’s official publication on its curriculum link here-