With the internet, it has become easier to learn about a company that you are applying for. In the old days you need to look the company up through the telephone directory, possibly call them up and ask a few questions over the phone and if you’re lucky you may get answers on what you called for. But since it’s the internet age all you need to do is look them up online and you can find out everything about the company that can increase your chances of giving a good impression during your application.

Make sure to look out for:

  • THE PEOPLE who work for the company. You need to look into the staff page of their website. Take note of the key people in the organization especially the head of the department that you will be applying for.
  • THEIR COMPANY CULTURE, when they started, their mission and vision as a company and their clients.
  • THEIR LIST OF CLIENTS. To give you an insight how they do business and how you can contribute especially if you’re applying for work in the Sales & Marketing Department.
  • THEIR LIST OF ONGOING PROJECTS & ADVOCACY. To see how you can fit in and what they value as an organization.
  • KEY EVENTS. Familiarize yourself with the list of upcoming events like anniversaries and product launches. Mention some of the events that you’re interested in if chance permits.
  • BLOG POSTS. If the company has a website, chances are they have a blog post. Take time to read them so you can be familiar.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. See how they communicate in social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. You can learn a lot from companies this way without having to consume more time researching. You can even ask questions or leave comments – but be careful not to leave negative impressions in these pages.
If you have probed enough you can rest and digest everything that you’ve learned about the company before you go rushing to the interview. Let it sink in and remember every important bit of info about the company. Hopefully, all the research that you’ve done will show your initiative, excitement, and interest to work for the company.

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Written by: Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet