Summer job hunting season is here!

Follow these 3 Important Tips on how you can maximize your attendance in Job Fairs.

Don’t forget to bring a big smile and a positive attitude. We wish you well with your Job Fair attendance!

  •  The best place to look for Job Fairs is at PhilJobNet, go to our website –
  •  Register as Jobseeker if you haven’t registered yet
  •  Scroll down, and click on “Job Fair Schedules” and you should be directed to this page, where you can see all available DOLE sponsored Job Fairs in the country.
  •  If you want to join a particular Job Fair, simply click on the event with the “Join” button to pre-register (make sure you are log into PhilJobNet) Once you click “Join” you will see this message “Success Thanks for joining the job fair”
  • Or you can click on the date with the orange highlight and you will be able to see the available Job Fairs. Choose the one that is nearest to you.
  •  You can even pre-register in some job fairs (only when available). Don’t forget to print out the Job Fair Pre-Registration form
  • Write your resume, and print out several copies to make sure that you are able to submit your resume to companies in the event.
  • Ready your black ball pen, bring 2 or 3 just in case.
  •  Bring a notepad or something to write with, it may come handy when you need to jot down names and phone numbers.
  •  Prepare what you need to wear for the event the day before, It needs to be suited for the event.Business casual or business attire is the way to go.
  •  Read books or articles about the industry you are planning to work for.
  •  Block the date, you should not schedule any other thing during the day of the Job Fair
  •  A healthy mindset is key to landing a job. You should always be positive when applying for a job, especially when going to a job fair.


  • Come in early, it’s always a good idea to be at the venue before the rest of the job-hunting crowd gets there, so you get to secure your spot. Remember that there are possibly a thousand other people like you who is also eyeing the dream job that you want. Once the requirement of the company is met they (the company) may not be able to accommodate your application. So be there a bit earlier than usual.
  • Most Job Fairs would require you to register. Carefully fill out the form and make sure that your contact details are correct, especially your mobile number and email.
  • When you enter a venue you will be greeted by representatives of the companies at the gate, do not jump right in, simply take note of the name of the company and what industry they are in. You may ask politely what industry they are in and the job opening that they have for job seekers like you and they will surely tell you what’s available. This is where your ball pen and notepad will come in handy. Visit each booth briefly and ask what jobs are available or you can simply look at the directory of the Job Fair, and jot down the companies that interest you. Taking this quick tour of the area will give you a better perspective of which company to apply for first.
  •  Don’t fall into the trap of the easy job application, weigh your options first before investing time and energy to a specific company, you might miss out on a job opportunity that’s a perfect fit for you. So scout the companies first, and then decide which ones to apply for.
  •  Be yourself, enjoy the job fair! Be at your best!