There was a time when women were taken for granted, not given proper attention, care and recognition. Those days are gone as women are steadily filling up the gap in the workforce. Working for industries like BPO, engineering, transportation and even hard labor jobs in construction.

Let’s pay tribute to the wonderful women of our country not only because it’s Women’s month but because we really appreciate them and honor their contribution.

We would like to highlight one particular lady, we are again paying tribute to Nanay Coring (Socorro Ramos), whom we featured last January in our Pinoy Success Stories. She has been around for the longest time, she has influenced many young entrepreneurs as she set an example of resilience. She established National bookstore, the store many Filipinos love. Because of that, we are very lucky to have her as she, in essence, molded our minds through the books that her famous bookstore carries. She has also contributed to the employment of more than 3,000 employees who works for her more than 200 branches.

In line with this month’s celebration we would like to discuss PhilJobNet’s special site feature “Special Job Categories” which focuses on “Women”. Employers have an option to choose “women” for their job postings thus giving more opportunities to women who are actively seeking jobs in their respective regions.

There are currently more than 800 job openings for women at the time of writing, we encourage you to directly go to the “Special Job Categories” section of our website. Simply click here.